Technical visits to Swiss URLs

Technical visits to Swiss Underground Rock Laboratories

On September 28, two optional visits to the Swiss Unterground Rock Laboratories can be organised.

  • The Mont Terri Rock Laboratory is situated to the north of St-Ursanne in the canton of Jura, around 300 m underground in the Opalinus Clay formation. It is operated by swisstopo. 16 international partners participate in research activities.

  • The Grimsel Test Site is located at an altitude of 1730 m above sea-level in the granitic formations of the Aar Massif. The GTS was established in 1984 as a centre for underground Research and Development supporting a wide range of international research projects on the geological disposal of radioactive waste.

The guided tours are free of charge for conference participants and accompanying persons. For logistical reasons, only one of the sites may be visited in one day.

Draft schedule for visits on 28 September 2017

  • Early morning start, travel by bus from Davos to Mont Terri or Grimsel URL (approx. 4:30 hrs drive)
  • Simple lunch in the reception rooms of the URLs, introductory presentation and guided tour in the URL (ending at about 4:30 pm)
  • Travel by bus from the URL to Zurich airport (arrival between 6 and 7 pm).

Confirmation / cancelling policy

Depending on the number of potential participants, the visits will be confirmed at the end of July. We retain the right of cancelling the visits if the number of registered participants by mid-July is too low. Please note that the conference organisers cannot accept liability for any costs (e.g., additional hotels costs) resulting from the cancellation of the guided tours.

Please choose one:

  • Visit to Mont Terri Rock Laboratory

  • Visit to Grimsel Test Site

Please indicate your interest in the visit to Grimsel Test Site or Mont Terri Rock Laboratory to sonja.mccullough[at]